Lucid Fit Case for iPhone 15 (6.1")


Introducing the Upcommon Lucid Fit Slim Case, designed exclusively for the iPhone 15 Series! Elevate your iPhone experience with its sleek design, featuring a TPU bumper frame and a clear back structure that lets the beauty of your iPhone 15 shine through. The upscale style seamlessly merges with superior protection, providing a slim profile without compromising security. Say goodbye to dull clear cases – experience the perfect blend of style and durability with the Upcommon Lucid Fit Slim Case for iPhone 15.

Chic Protection

Elevate your device with sleek black chic protection, designed to thrive in tough environments.

Undeniable Charm

Clean lines, edgy vibes, and undeniable charm! And, of course, the protection. The Lucid Fit case for iPhone 15 has it all.

Pocket Friendly Slim

Lucid Fit case is designed to provide superb protection without adding unnecessary bulk to your phone.

Supreme Grip

The side frame has micro textures that prevent it from slipping through your hands. These textures add to the grip without being too noticeable, providing both security and sophistication.

MagSafe Compatible

The Lucid Fit Slim case is engineered to work seamlessly with all your MagSafe accessories. Its N52 Neodymium Magnets offer a strong magnetic hold, providing a hassle-free wireless charging experience.