Beginners guide to Chatbots

You must have shopped online frequently & you know how confusing it is to find the product you want from the 1000+ search results. Imagine if this process is simplified using chatbots where you just tell your exact requirements & it shows the results directly. Sneakers, White colour, XYZ brand & there you go, the results are in front of you.

Sounds exciting?

Well, we have compiled an overview of everything that you need to know about chatbots. We will be answering questions like what are chatbots? Why are they needed? How do they function? & How can you build one?

Before we begin, read this article (hyperlink to blog 1) where we mentioned why social network conversations are going private.

Cool, let’s begin.

Around 60% of your daily time is spend accessing mobile for emails or messaging apps or any other apps. Marketers know how handy your devices are. This is the area of opportunity for them.

So, what are chatbots?

They are auto robots who respond to your questions with appropriate answers. It is powered by set of rules & sometimes, it’s artificial intelligence. The service they can provide can be anything from functional to fun.

Chatbots are being built to forecast weather, make online shopping quick, get filtered news, guide people to manage their finance, schedule a meeting or it can be also your friend whom you converse with when alone. Isn’t that amazing?

But why make a chatbot?

It’s a huge opportunity! The more the people use messaging apps, the potential of chatbots increase. They are like a human beings personal assistant. So logically, if you want to build a service & reach out to people online, it has be to be where the audience are.

Let’s see how they function?

Chatbots are built in two ways. One that works on the set of rules & others work on artificial intelligence which means they interpret what exactly humans are trying to say & then respond.

Chatbots that functions on rules - are limited to respond on few basic commands. If you say something out of context, they won’t understand & respond.

Chatbots that functions using artificial intelligence - are smart. They have their own brain. You do not need to very specific when you are talking to them. It understands the language, not just the commands. The best part is, it gets smarter day by day as it learns from the conversation it shaving with people.

Lets answer the final question - How can you build one?

The best way to begin developing one is to go through the documentation. There are several websites that also gives step by step tutorials to build a chatbot. Google it & you will come across hundreds of resources to go through. Read more to know more.

We preferred the documentation of Facebook Messenger Bot. Their documents are super specific & can be a great resource to kick-start your journey into building bots.

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