In a world with newer problems every day, we LOVE to solve ‘em all for you!

Belief Mechanism

We are team players at heart, and that’s extremely important to us. However, individual talent is also a huge deal, and we value it greatly. We aim to become the leading mobile development agency in the US while leveraging international top talent.

We recognise

We recognise that traditional marketing = traditional results. You got to do something extraordinary to achieve extra-ordinary results. This is where we focus on making the complicated simple, awesomely simple.

We focus

We focus on understanding the complexities of consumer behaviour and use these insights to deliver best-in-class strategies for your brand with a data-driven approach at its heart.

We channel

We channel all of our creativity and discipline to achieve the ambitions of our clients relentlessly.

Our Approach

Apart from the gazillion cups of caffeine, we’re genuinely driven by 3 key ingredients


Passion blended with aggression to do some exceptional work.


Data, data & more data; because without data, there’s doubt.


A restless urge of delivering ‘up-common’ experiences to clients, consumers & partners.